Flintergill Outrake Nature Trail

Flintergill Outrake Nature Trail

The Weaver Fairy

This short linear walk takes you about 1.5 miles (2.4km) up beautiful Flintergill, culminating at High Ground where a topographical viewpoint gives spectacular panoramic views of Dentdale's magnificent surroundings.

A free leaflet for this walk is available from the campsite office and the Heritage Centre.

You can also download a copy here - Flintergill Outrake Nature Trail (pdf).

Upland Oak/Ash Woodland

Flintergill is an ancient woodland, sited on the steep valley side rising behind Dent Village. It has an interesting geological structure, exposed by the waterfall, which has influenced the vegetation of the wood. The lower slopes, lying on limestone, are mainly ash. Higher up, on the sandstone and shales, oak becomes the dominant species.

The woodland was open to livestock for many years and, because of this, much of the ground flora and many saplings have been grazed. The woodland has now been fenced off to prevent further damage.

Flintergill Topographical Viewpoint